Lexi-tico: Parquearse

PARQUEAR(SE) (paɾ-kay-aɾ-se)

¿Parquear, estacionar o aparcar? Such is the question!

Parquear is a verb used also in Mexico, Panama, and Puerto Rico and has the same meaning: ”to park.”

The verb estacionar is mostly used in the Southern Cone countries such as Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, whereas aparcar is primarily used in Spain. Ecuador is a bit of an exception as both parquear and estacionar are used interchangeably.

Just as the verbs for “to park” have some regional variance, so too, do parking lots as they are either called parqueos, estacionamientos and/or aparcamientos.

The verb estacionar will make perfect sense to a Costa Rican, though it is not very commonly used, and so will the term estacionamiento. Aparcar is an entirely different story as can be inferred from the above explanation. So, good luck finding an aparcamiento in Costa Rica!

Examples of usage:

  1. Usted no puede parquear(se) en frente de la casa”.

Translation: You cannot park in front of the house.

  1. Ayer me parqueé en una zona prohibida”.

Translation: Yesterday, I parked in a prohibited area.

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