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Vaccinations, The Law in Costa Rica

With the number of foreigners moving to Costa Rica, some of them wonder what the rules are in Costa Rica when it comes to vaccinations, particularly if they have children.  Earlier in the year, there

With the number of foreigners moving to Costa Rica, some of them wonder what the rules are in Costa Rica when it comes to vaccinations, particularly if they have children.  Earlier in the year, there was a significant discussion about this topic due to the measles outbreak in the US. By February 6th, there were 121 confirmed cases over 17 states across the US. 108 of those cases were traced to Disneyland.

I decided to write about this topic since have some friends and know some people here in Costa Rica who do not vaccinate their children. Thus, the question: What is Costa Rica’s position on vaccinations? I hope not to step on anybody’s toes and not to lose some friends. I really like the friends I currently have. Although, the purpose of the essay is to share the legal situation of the country regarding this issue, unavoidably, the text will also contain some of my personal views, which I try to pose from an objective perspective, which is the wellbeing of the population at large.


Measles:  It has been estimated that measles killed 200 million people in the last 150 years

Rubella: Although rubella does not cause death to the host, it can lead to complications in pregnant women that can cause miscarriages, therapeutic abortions and congenital diseases in the fetuses. Between 1964–65, the United States had an estimated 12.5 million rubella cases. This led to 11,000 miscarriages or therapeutic abortions and 20,000 cases of congenital rubella syndrome. Of these, 2,100 died as neonates, 12,000 were deaf, 3,580 were blind, and 1,800 were mentally affected. In New York alone, CRS affected 1% of all births.

Mumps: Similar to rubella, mumps is not a direct cause of death, but can certainly affect the person infected with the disease: it can cause infertility, hearing loss, and meningitis, which can cause death.

Smallpox: In the 20th century, between 300 and 500 million people died of smallpox. As late as 1967 the WHO estimated that 15 million died that year by smallpox. After vaccination campaigns throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the WHO certified the eradication of smallpox in 1979.

Influenza: Influenza spreads around the world in a yearly outbreak, resulting in about three to five million cases of severe illness and about 250,000 to 500,000 deaths. Death occurs mostly in the young, the old and those with other health problems.[1]  the 20th century three influenza pandemics occurred: Spanish influenza in 1918, Asian influenza in 1958, and Hong Kong influenza in 1968, each resulting in more than a million deaths.[9]

Polio: The World Health Organization estimates that there are 10 to 20 million polio survivors worldwide.[117] In 1977 there were 254,000 persons living in the United States who had been paralyzed by polio.[118] According to doctors and local polio support groups, some 40,000 polio survivors with varying degrees of paralysis live in Germany, 30,000 in Japan, 24,000 in France, 16,000 in Australia, 12,000 in Canada and 12,000 in the United Kingdom.

Diphtheria is fatal in between 5% and 10% of cases. In children under five years and adults over 40 years, the fatality rate may be as much as 20%.[6] In 2010 it caused about 2,900 deaths.

I make reference to this list of diseases as they all can be prevented through vaccinations. Different pandemics and outbreaks throughout history has prompted different governments to enact vaccinations policies with the intent to protect the populations at large from death or crippling diseases.


A number of outbreaks have occurred similar to the one in Disneyland, due to not following vaccination policies. Here is a list of outbreaks and the effects in the communities where they occurred.

Stockholm, smallpox (1873–1874).  An anti-vaccination campaign motivated by religious objections, concerns about effectiveness, and concerns about individual rights led to the vaccination rate in Stockholm dropping to just over 40%, compared to about 90% elsewhere in Sweden.

UK, pertussis (1970s–80s).  Vaccine uptake in the UK decreased from 81% to 31%, and pertussis epidemics followed, leading to the deaths of children.

Sweden, pertussis (1979–1996).  Sweden suspended vaccination against whooping cough (pertussis) from 1979 to 1996.  60% of the country’s children contracted the potentially fatal disease before the age of 10; the death rate was about one per year. Pertussis remains a major health problem in developing countries.  WHO estimates it caused 294,000 deaths in 2002.

Netherlands, measles (1999–2000).  An outbreak at a religious community and school in the Netherlands illustrates the effect of measles in an unvaccinated population. The population in the several provinces affected had a high level of immunization, with the exception of one of the religious denominations, which traditionally does not accept vaccination. The three measles-related deaths and 68 hospitalizations that occurred among 2,961 cases in the Netherlands demonstrate that measles can be severe and may result in death, even in industrialized countries.

UK and Ireland, measles (2000).  As a result of the MMR vaccine controversy, vaccination compliance dropped sharply in the United Kingdom after 1996. From late 1999 until the summer of 2000, there was a measles outbreak in North Dublin, Ireland. At the time, the national immunization level had fallen below 80%, and in part of North Dublin the level was around 60%. There were more than 100 hospital admissions from over 300 cases. Three children died and several more were gravely ill, some requiring mechanical ventilation to recover.

Nigeria, polio, measles, diphtheria (2001-Present).  Due to religious opposition to vaccines, polio reappeared in a dozen formerly polio-free neighbors of Nigeria which reported nearly 20,000 measles cases and nearly 600 deaths from measles from January through March 2005. In 2006, Nigeria accounted for over half of all new polio cases worldwide. Outbreaks continued thereafter; for example, at least 200 children died in a late-2007 measles outbreak in Borno State.

Indiana, United States, measles (2005).  A 2005 measles outbreak in the US state of Indiana was attributed to parents who had refused to have their children vaccinated. Most cases of pediatric tetanus in the US occur in children whose parents objected to their vaccination.

Multiple states, United States, measles (2013-Present).  In 2000, measles was declared eliminated from the United States; remaining reported cases were due to importation. The CDC reported that the three biggest outbreaks of measles in 2013 were attributed to clusters of people who were unvaccinated due to their philosophical or religious beliefs. As of August 2013, three pockets of outbreak—New York City, North Carolina, and Texas—contributed to 64% of the 159 cases of measles reported in 16 states.

Philadelphia, United States, measles (1990-1991).  Between October 1990 and June 1991, more than 1,400 people living in Philadelphia were infected with measles, and nine children died. Children had not been vaccinated, and when they became ill, their parents prayed instead of taking them to the hospital to receive the intravenous fluids or oxygen that could have saved the lives of those with the worst cases.

UK, Swansea, measles (2013). In 2013, an outbreak of measles occurred in the Welsh city of Swansea. One death was reported. Some estimates indicate that while in 1995, MMR uptake for two-year-olds was at 94% in Wales, it fell to as low as 67.5% in Swansea in 2003, meaning the region had a “vulnerable” age group. This has been linked to the MMR vaccine controversy, which caused a significant number of parents to fear allowing their children to receive the MMR vaccine.


Vaccinations in Costa Rica are mandatory by law.

There are three relevant bodies of law when it comes to vaccinations in Costa Rica. First of all, there is the Law 5395 (Ley General de Salud) and the National Vaccination Law 8111, which is a mirror of law 5395. And second, the Vaccination Regulation (Norma Nacional de Vacunación).

Law 5395 lays out the vaccination policy, and the Regulation gets into the specifics about the implementation of the policy. Let’s start with the law, as readers (particularly expats) may find out the content to be very interesting.

Section 150 estates that all vaccinations, as determined by the Department of Health (Ministerio de Salud or MS), are mandatory. There are two important elements here: first, vaccination is not an option; second, the law delegates to the MS the determination of what vaccines should be required for the population at large.

Section 151 delegates the responsibility on the parents and guardians to complete the vaccinations for children. This does not mean that parents have the right to decide whether to vaccinate, it means that parents are responsible to take the children to vaccinate. It is not the responsibility of the MS to go door to door.

Section 152 requires every person to furnish the Vaccination Certificate (VC) when required. Which means that people need to keep records of the vaccination, which will become relevant for travel and school enrollment.

Section 153 requires parents or guardians to produce the VC for school enrollment every year. In addition, it delegates the responsibility to School Principals to enforce this policy. Lastly, it is applicable to both public and private schools. What this means is that all children attending school must be vaccinated. Once again, it is not up to the parent.

Section 154 states that valid VC can only be issued by health professionals, whether from a public or private practice. In addition, the VCs must contain legitimate information. Forging is prohibited.

The foregoing sections set forth some basics about the mandatory nature of the vaccines, as well as establishing the Vaccination Certificate as a method to enforce the policy.


Regarding foreigners, the law also sets some mandatory requirements whether the foreigner intends to be in the country as a tourist or as a resident.

Section 172 requires all foreigners to produce their Vaccination Certificate along with the application to the Immigration Department.

Section 173 requires all people when entering the country at a port of entry, to furnish a vaccination certificate indicating that they have received all of the required vaccinations. This is applicable to all foreigners whether they are intending to enter Costa Rica as a tourist or a resident.  Furthermore, this section states that if the person cannot provide proof of vaccination, the corresponding authority will proceed to vaccinate the person at the port of entry. If the person refuses, they should be put in quarantine.

Well, we all know how good Costa Rican authorities are about enforcing the law. But it may just be a matter of time for someone to file a complaint for non enforcement of these provisions should an outbreak reach Costa Rica.


Now the question is: what vaccinations are mandatory?

The Vaccination Regulation sets forth the following list of mandatory vaccinations for children prior to entering school at age 6.



Well, this blog is mainly targeted to expats. So let’s analyze this from that premise.  If you are an expat and do not have vaccinations and have not vaccinated your children, you basically have three options:

  1. If you are a law abiding person, so, go ahead and get vaccinated and vaccinate your children.
  2. If you are loyal to your beliefs and do not want to vaccinate your children and do not want comply with the law, then leave the country and move to a place where the legal system is more in tune with your belief system.
  3. If you are loyal to your beliefs and want to remain in Costa Rica but not abide with existing regulations, then challenge the law. Bring your case to court and force them to allow you to have the option to decide what to do with vaccinations.

When analyzing these three options, you need to keep in mind that Costa Rica has a socialized system, and certain laws are put in place for the protection of the population at large, not for the protection of an individual. When you decide not to vaccinate, it is indeed a personal decision that affects you at a personal level, but it also affects the population at large as noted previously in the section narrating the Costs of Non Vaccination.


Concerns about a possible link between vaccination with MMR and autism were raised in the late 1990s. The WHO, on the recommendation of GACVS (Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety), commissioned a literature review by an independent researcher of the risk of autism associated with MMR vaccine.

Autistic spectrum disorder represents a continuum of cognitive and neurobehavioral disorders including autism. The prevalence of autism varies considerably with case ascertainment, ranging from 0.7 – 21.1 per 10 000 children (median 5.2 per 10 000) while the prevalence of autistic spectrum disorder is estimated to be 1 – 6 per 1000. Eleven epidemiological studies (representing the most recent studies, mostly in the last 4 years) were reviewed in detail, taking into consideration study design (including ecologic, case control, case-crossover and cohort studies) and limitations. The review concluded that existing studies do not show evidence of an association between the risk of autism or autistic disorders and MMR vaccine. Three laboratory studies were also reviewed. It was concluded that the alleged persistence of measles vaccine virus in the gastrointestinal tract of children with autism and inflammatory bowel disease requires further investigation through independent studies before the laboratory findings of the published studies, which have serious limitations, can be considered confirmed.

Based on the extensive review presented, GACVS concluded that no evidence exists of a causal association between MMR vaccine and autism or autistic disorders. The Committee believes the matter is likely to be clarified by a better understanding of the causes of autism. GACVS also concluded that there is no evidence to support the routine use of monovalent measles, mumps and rubella vaccines over the combined vaccine, a strategy which would put children at increased risk of incomplete immunization. Thus, GACVS recommends that there should be no change in current vaccination practices with MMR. Read the WHO report here.

In Costa Rica, the Department of Health has not addressed any issues about autism. Currently, there are no statistics about this issue. The Costa Rican Association of Parents and Friends of Autistic Persons have tried to obtain assistance from the government at least with legislation that acknowledges the problem, to no avail.


I love this quote by Ortega y Gasset: “I am myself plus my circumstances”. Therefore, I base my decisions according to my circumstances. I lost my daughter last year. As a parent, I cannot get over the feeling of hopelessness of trying to do everything possible but failing to save my daughter’s life. My wife and I are trying to get pregnant again, and we will do everything in our power to protect our children’s lives. I would try not to expose them to diseases that may have been eradicated, thus we will vaccinate. We decided that at a personal level. But from an objective perspective, according to the WHO 16 people die per hour due to measles.  Not vaccinating your children not only puts them at risk, but also puts other children at risk.

I am sure that all parents, regardless of whether you support vaccinations or are against them; make that decision with the best interest of your children in mind. I remember having this conversation with a friend from Europe who weighted the risks vs. the benefits and decided not to vaccinate their children. I do not blame him for that, as I hope he would not blame me for vaccinating mine.




Attorney and Entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience in: immigration law in the US and Latin American countries including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Panama. In addition, Rafael has extensive experience in Business Law, Estate Planning, and Real Estate. Lastly, Rafael has developed experience in people management, talent development and business development.

Review overview
  • Aurora D'Angelo April 16, 2017

    It’s such a shame to see so much ignorance concerning vaccines. I am neither pro nor anti-vaccine. I am pro health, and pro SAFETY. Unfortunately, the vaccine manufacturers (Big Pharma) have BRAINWASHED so many people (including most doctors) by falsifying records, tests and outright LYING. You state above that 150 MILLION were killed by measles. That’s RIDICULOUS. WHEN and WHERE did these deatjs occur? What’s your SOURCE? I am 58 years old, and when I was a child, there WAS no MMR vaccine and measles were considered a typical childhood disease; not a concern. When and how did it suddenly become a death threat? When the vaccine manufacturers decided that FEAR was the best way to coerce the public (& public health officials).In actuality, the MAXIMUM deaths per year from measles were 14:100,000. BEFORE the measles vaccine was available, the death rate had DROPPED to 2:100,000 and cases of measles had also greatly decreased – again, BEFORE THE VACCINE WAS IN USE. Does that sound like a “deadly epidemic”? The REASON there was such a decrease in infection wasn’t because of the VACCINE: it was because we were eating healthier, had better sanitary habits, cleaner water, and isolated the sick to prevent the spread of disease. In the past 7 years, we’ve had several outbreaks at colleges where 90-100% of the population (according to local health departments) were VACCINATED. How do you explain that? I know SO MUCH MORE, about: polio and smallpox; the link between vaccines, chronic illness & autism; vaccine efficacy, safety or the lack thereof; how our immune system is supposed to work and how vaccines affect it; WHY measles cases are on the rise again….and so much more that I could fill this site. If anyone reading this is interested in having a RATIONAL DISCUSSION OF FACT, please contact me by email: atlantisnow@comcast.net. I extend my invitation to the blog owner as well. I share my knowledge and experiences only to PROTECT THE LIVES & HEALTH OF OUR CHILDREN, OUR PARENTS, OUR PETS, AND OURSELVES.

    • Katia April 28, 2017

      Thank you for writing this reply Aurora so that at least future readers can get ‘both sides’. Aurora you are RIGHT. This person who wrote this blog is like the blind leading the blind. Now, which countries are left that dont actually make it a law that you must take a poisonous injection into your body? Are there any? I am looking and am extremely disappointed with Costa Rica!! I dont want a toxic injection thank you very much. So where do you go nowadays with small children when everyone like the enlightened individual above, is trying to jab your children at every possibility. Herd immunity is BS. Its a fairy tale. Rise in disease is virus shedding from these money making toxic injections. And not to mention false flags. Why is everyone sho scared of measles at DisneyLand? Come on, its only measles. It is so tragic to see a professional who is so utterly uninformed spreading his uninformed ‘knowledge’ and backing it up with internet references from equally uninformed robots. Is there anywhere left to go to be free and healthy nowadays? Just to get an education, qualify for equal resources without playing vaccination roulette? Its a terrible world to be an infant these days. But still so many uninformed people still line up to get their babies shot up with heavy metals and foreign substances so toxic like aluminium and peanut oil and other human/animal cells!(whoever heard of injecting peanut oil anyway? You are supposed to eat it!! IF you want to). And how many youngsters are getting lyme disease, Lupus, and other ‘diseases’ so recent the medical world barely have names for them because they only appeared the same time as the rise in vaccinations. Especially the Gardasil. How many more must be maimed and murdered before the financial beneficiares go underground as their ponzi scheme falls in? You, Sir, (blog writer) are utterly irresponsible writting such uninformed rubbish. Go to http://www.sanevax.org to read about an 18 boy in the US who would have been an athlete who is now in a wheelchair! Still worried about measles?? Go to youtube and watch VAXXED TV. Look at all the dying and destroyed children and then rewrite your article you fool. Tonto.

        • Katia May 1, 2017

          Very likely! Would you believe a red marble is blue because someone with a well known name told you so? A picture of a sick child is pretty believable to me. Videos of sick children and their parents are far more believable than anything else Ive seen. How do you believe a report you did not write? How can you not believe someone on camera who looks sick, sounds sick and maybe is sick and has a horror story to tell? What if its not 1 person but 100? Or 1000? Still not legtimate? What is legitimate? What the cool kids tell you to think? Did you check out youtube and VAXXED TV? What do you think about the doctors going on vaxxed TV and giving their opinions about the dangers of vaccines? Are they frauds too? They are intelligent, they give real information and stories from real places – they are not just print on a fact sheet written by someone we dont see the face of. They are real people. And they are growing. More and more damaged people and people who cant stand by and do and say nothing anymore – like these doctors – are coming forward. How long can you and other blind pro vaccine supporters keep on denying what is becoming very obvious and undeniable: that vaccines are not very effective and are destroying millions of peoples health. How do you KNOW everything you read on your websites and links you provide is true? You are taking a huge gamble believing it to be true. Why? What have you to lose by having an investigative mind and considering all possiblities? You have a very closed mind. I used to believe in vaccines. But there came a time when I could not ignore the stories of the damage of these vaccines. The ingredients are shocking. Why is 2+2 so hard for you? If you inject toxic chemicals into a person – especially children – it really is going to do toxic things to the body. This can be clearly seen in these videos. Why do you jump so fast to say they are less legitimate than UNICEF? What does that say about your investigative method? You wont condsider all sources of information unless they have a certain seal of approval? Why? A seal of approval/business name does not change an event that happened. A child got sick from a vaccine. So a homemade video, a blog is not sufficient to transmit this event? Why ? Do we need our governments to tell us what happened and what didnt happen? How about that? No need to record history then, eh? Just write it as we please. That is going on here and you are helping it happen.

      • Concerned Mom January 8, 2019

        Thank you for your informed response to the post.

        Do you have a list of the countries that do not require/enforce vaccinations for children in order to attend any public/private school?

        • Karen August 26, 2020

          Japan is one country for sure that does not mandate vaccines. and they do not use the combined and dangerous MMR vaccine. They had a huge number of SIDS deaths (many vaccine inserts list SIDS as a side affect) so they changed their protocol and SIDS is almost non existent in Japan today. They also do not vaccinate until after 2 years of age.

      • Linda Marchena January 23, 2021

        This is a perfect response, nothing so severe as putting something in your body, that you have absolutely no idea of the ingredients, made by big farma, that post bogus claims should be compulsary.
        Its ludicrous.
        We have been thinking of moving from the UK to Costa Rica for some time now, the only thing stopping us is the compulsary Vaccines.
        Our daughter will be 9 soon and is so strong, fit and healthy, and totally un medicated.
        I would hate that to change and her start have social/learning problems like most of her vaccinated school friends, who’s parents deeply regret it.
        Thats the fact for me, not bogus figures from corrupt corps like WHO and Unicef

    • Concerned Mom January 8, 2019

      Thank you for your detailed response to the post.

      Do you have a list of countries which do not mandate these vaccinations by law for school age children in order to attend public/private schools?

    • Amanda May 12, 2020

      Bravo!! Finally, someone who sees the truth and makes sense!???

      • Jeffrey Zamora May 13, 2020


        Thank you for reading our post and also taking the time to comment on it! We truly appreciate it. Let us know if there is any other information or service we can assist you with.

        Best regards,

        Jeffrey Zamora
        Outlier Legal Services

  • Bianca Nelson April 27, 2017

    While I agree with you that autism may not be caused by vaccines, there is scientific evidence linking vaccines to epilepsy and nut allergies. It is accepted in the USA to NOT vaccinate children with neurological disorders or if their parents have neurological disorders. What are your thoughts on exempting children and adults with conditions that will be exacerbated by vaccinations?

  • Marlene A Farley March 6, 2018

    People who think Autism Spectrum Disorder is not caused by vaccines are always people who have not watched their perfectly healthy child become brain damaged after said vaccines. Wake up and talk to more actual parents. Also I am very sorry for the loss of your child but I have friends who lost their babies after vaccinating them. So how does a parent deal with killing their child in a government effort to scare them into “preventing” such things…Definitely something to think long and hard about. I am a mother of a vaccine injured child and so is my cousin. I also have friends with vaccine injured children as well as 2 who have lost their babies to vaccines. It needs to stop! It most definitely needs to be up to the parent regardless of where you live. Lets focus on healthy living and supplements and boosting the immune system perhaps…

  • CATRYNA WHITE September 14, 2018

    Well, after reading this, I guess Costa Rica is not going to be an option for retirement. I have not had any vaccinations since 1963, when I had a severe reaction to the oral Polio vaccine and have suffered several autoimmune diseases since. I will not allow any questionable medical procedures, including further vaccination, to be applied to my person that I believe will hamper my already precarious health. It sounds like Costa Rica is another country that is running themselves on propaganda paranoia.

  • Gabe November 21, 2018

    To the author, great facts, but…
    What a shame. Costa Rica living is so beautiful. Was about to initiate residency process for my family. After vaccine injury to my oldest son CONFIRMED by licensed, reputable US medical doctors, I stopped vaccinating out family. My neighbor’s 4 yr got permanent vaccine injury, also confirmed by US licensed and reputable medical doctors. Go to vaxxed you tube to see testimony after testimony of parents who lost their children. I think more people are injured as a result of vaccine than the actual disease it is supposed to prevent, official government statistics be damned. If a doctor tells you its safe, try to have him vaccinate you when you refuse to sign liability release. He will not. I tested that once. He would not vaccinate. That demonstrates how safe he thinks they are when there’s a posibility of him being financially responsible if you suffer adverse reaction. Many doctors, nurses and health professionals are waking up the the many side effects they are witnessing and speaking out. Since Pharma industry is heavy advertiser in media, you will not hear about how bad they are or media will loose one of their biggest customers, Pharma.

    Anyways, since my kids are incredibly healthy (not even ear infection, fever, etc. Just about only thing are rare, minor colds every few years) and noticeably smarter than their vaccinated school friends, I’m going to keep focusing on making sure they eat non-gmo, non-pesticide, non-hybrid junk. We eat real food. That is one of the reasons Costa Rica is so attractive for me to raise a Healthy family. Most natives I met there have no clue the potential they have to naturally have their god-given immune system work as designed. Chicken pox does not scare me, nor mumps or measels. Mercury, aluminum, aborted human fetal cells, african monkey cells being injected into my kids scares the hell out of me.

    I hope Costa Rica changes laws to at least allow medical exemtions and religious exemptions. Yahweh (“Jesus” for any Catholics out there), the Creator of all that is, has a problem with me injecting poison into the children He entrusted to me and I will be held accountable if I allow it.

    If they allow exemtions then we are golden. Hope you do deeper research beyond the one sided “official” statistics. How has something like chicken pox become such an unfounded fear? Lots of money invested in psychology, fear and excellent propaganda. Same thing as the fear of raw milk. Some parents in the states prefer formula over breast milk for thier infants because it is “healthier” again, great advertising techniques, thats all. If you take care of your immune system as God designed, your body will be ok against flu, measels, cancer, etc. If you don’t, then you really have no choice but to vaccinate, but overal, that won’t work, you will be riddled with chronic diseases as time advances. Great for the economy and health industry stocks, but not so good for you. Have you heard about the non-polio, polio outbreak in US? Media is pedaling fear again. I bet there is a vaccine going through approval process right now.

    So disappointed with CR. I suspect 100% compliance was influenced by US Pharma when they installed factories there.

  • henryfran November 26, 2018

    I was about to relocate my family to Costa Rica. I love the simple life style, eating fruits and vegetables, the climate, the people. My wife and I went to schools, different towns and were ready to move in a couple of months, but then we found out that vaccines are mandatory., we changed our plans. So sad! As another person commented, “Mercury, aluminum, aborted human fetal cells, african monkey cells being injected into my kids scares the hell out of me.”Me too!

      • MOMwithMS January 8, 2019

        Many Thanks for all of the informed responses to the post.

        Does anyone have a convinient list of the countries that do not require/enforce vaccinations for children in order to attend any public/private school?

        Also, are there Vaccination Exemptions for children in Costa Rica if the parent has diagnosed Epilepsy and/or other Neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

        “Mercury, aluminum, aborted human fetal cells, african monkey cells being injected into my kids scares the hell out of me.”
        … and it scares us also.

        Kind regards,
        Concerned New Mom with Relapsing MS & Partial Complex Seizure Disorder

  • MOMwithMS January 8, 2019

    Many Thanks for all of the informed responses to the post.

    Does anyone have a convinient list of the countries that do not require/enforce vaccinations for children in order to attend any public/private school?

    Also, are there Vaccination Exemptions for children in Costa Rica if the parent has diagnosed Epilepsy and/or other Neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis?

  • MOMwithMS January 8, 2019

    Many Thanks for all of the informed responses to the post.

    Does anyone have a convinient list of the countries that do not require/enforce vaccinations for children in order to attend any public/private school?

    Also, are there Vaccination Exemptions for children in Costa Rica if the parent has diagnosed Epilepsy and/or other Neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

    “Mercury, aluminum, aborted human fetal cells, african monkey cells being injected into my kids scares the hell out of me.”
    … and it scares us also.

    Kind regards,
    Concerned New Mom with Relapsing MS & Partial Complex Seizure Disorder

  • Naomi Shubert March 5, 2019

    Cyprus does not require vaccinations if you want a warm beach country.

  • Lou June 26, 2019

    It is obvious the writer has no personal experiences within Costa Rica to reference therefore she is just spreading more false information.

  • Miguel July 8, 2019

    I am not against vaccines per se and have had many as a child.
    My issues are these:
    *If he government of Costa Rica requires vaccinations for legal residents but not for tourists and, say, Nicaraguan farm workers, does this make ANY sense?
    *If a legal resident is required to show proof of 17 vaccinations but cannot prove it because he’s too old and there are no longer documents available to prove he had them, will he be required to have them AGAIN? Is this not said to be bad for his health to take some of these vaccinations twice?
    *Will CAJA which I pay $80 a month for, pay for these vaccinations if I DO decide to take them instead of moving back to the USA to avoid them? Or will CAJA pay for a test to show whether or not I have indeed already had them?

    The bottom line is it makes no sense to require legal residents of which there is a relatively small number, take the vaccinations, while tourists of which there are millions of new ones every year, NOT have to take them!

    So will Costa Rica allow the tourists to get away with not taking vaccinations while residents will have to? Because money talks (tourism)?

  • Alex November 9, 2020

    Costa Rica does not enforce their law at all. I have become a permanent resident and nobody ever asked me either to vaccinate or show proofs of past vaccinations. Nobody ever even mentioned that topic to me.

  • Linda Marchena January 23, 2021

    Hi Alex,

    Do you have children?

    We would love to sell uo and move to C.A but having our un vaxed child vaccinated for school scares the life out of us.
    I can’t find any update on the laws.
    My email is lindamarchena@gmail.com if anyone has further information


  • Lisa C April 14, 2021

    Study Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s website on his non-profit foundation for children to learn more about the Covid Vaccines! . . . https://childrenshealthdefense.org