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The Beginning

I have been an attorney for ten years. I have seen a lot of things in this short period of time. Some good things and some bad things.I am an entrepreneur and started my own company

I have been an attorney for ten years. I have seen a lot of things in this short period of time. Some good things and some bad things.

I am an entrepreneur and started my own company with my wife in mid 2012. We were not born in a silver platter, so we had to start our business from scratch. As you may expect, it has not been easy; nothing really is. We try to live a meaningful life, despite the loss of our daughter last year.

All throughout my career I have worked with immigrants. As an immigration attorney, in addition to work along with law enforcement agencies and the department of justice in the US, and having been an immigrant myself, I have had the unique opportunity to see the immigration phenomenon from all sides of the spectrum. There is something I can tell you, immigrants are not very well understood, they are underestimated, discriminated, abused,  exploited and ignored. Unless you are wealthy, being an immigrant is not easy. Recently, we have seen all the drama around the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe. That is just a pimple in the scheme of things when we compare it to over 300 million immigrants world wide.

There is something very admirable about immigrants, they are resilient, they are risk takers, they are hard workers, they are brave, they are free. They are free from the captivating comforts of a false sense of security others call home. They push the boundaries of their fears and venture to new places where the rules are different, where everything can fail, where they may not be missed.

Immigrants have the same great spirit of those who have made history, the ones who decide to explore something different, the ones who take a chance to risk it all.

My goal with this blog is to share experiences and provide somewhat useful information for people relocating to Costa Rica or elsewhere, to people who are taking that risk and need a helping hand to make things happen, to understand the tribulations of the immigrant and the fears of the hosting nations.

If you find this blog interesting, so please send me a message with suggestions for topics you would like to explore.


NOTE: this post is a revised version of the original post from 2012. I am re-posting my posts from my previous blog in WordPress to our business website at news.outlierlegal.com. I hope you enjoy.



Attorney and Entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience in: immigration law in the US and Latin American countries including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Panama. In addition, Rafael has extensive experience in Business Law, Estate Planning, and Real Estate. Lastly, Rafael has developed experience in people management, talent development and business development.

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