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Our business is like a theater. There is a lot


Recently, Costa Rica was invited to join the Organization for


We are in the business of helping people, helping expats. We cannot help our fellow expats unless we gather and use the right information. Hundreds

Why obtaining residency in another country is important.  It is April 2019, and I am attending an immigration conference in Toronto. There are attorneys and

"People have lost their residency" On April 4th, CRHoy an online news outlet, published an article stating that 577 foreign nationals lost their residency for

Some of you may remember the mass wedding ceremonies that we performed in February and March of 2015. At that time, we married about

The first time I heard the word expat was when I was working at Fragomen, one of the largest Immigration Law Firms in the world.

This last Saturday, I participated in a meeting with a group of expats in Grecia. The purpose of the meeting was to talk about

For the most part, people get extremely concerned when they hear the words recession, inflation or devaluation. Do not panic, all of these are

I am on the road and I see a Costa Rican police car with the flag of China on it, and I wonder: is

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