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Senior manager with more than ten years’ experience in regional roles coordination, global immigration, taxes, and corporate law. Has established two start-ups in the region while effectively leading teams to high success standards.

What the virus has taught us so far

The virus has quickly turned the world upside-down, changed our social habits, work routines and specially the way we do business. Some of the most


We previously discussed the best time to start a business during or after the COVID-19 crisis, if you missed it, click here. Let’s now talk


There is Good News for the Rest of the World Coming from Costa Rica! 2020 has made us deal with an insane amount of bad

Current measures for businesses by the Ministry of Health

We have summarized the measures currently in place by the Ministry of Health per internal resolution MS-DM-4467-2020. Check for your business on the list so

MAZE team cyber-attack: is your information compromised?

As you might have heard during the weekend, the Banco de Costa Rica has been under the spotlight due to a cyber-attack on more


The Costa Rican Government has been focusing on improving the regulatory framework for the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism for years now. Such

Withdrawal from the Labor Capitalization Fund

The Labor Capitalization Fund (LCF) in Costa Rica is similar to unemployment benefits in the United States. Employers make contributions to the fund so employees

Registry of Transparency and Final Beneficiaries 2020 update

Per Resolution N° DGT-ICD-R-06-2020 published March 30, 2020, all corporations will now have until September 2020 to comply with the yearly RTFB.  But this is not the only change to the

About the Solidarity Tax

This afternoon, the Costa Rican government proposed applying a "solidarity tax." The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, commented that other measures and resources available

Reduction of work schedule

Last Saturday, the President of the Republic signed a new law which allows employers to reduce the work schedule up to a 75% during