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Attorney with experience on Real Estate, Real Estate planning, and notary affairs. Has focused on the branch of Civil Law known as ius in re or rights over property. Has experience also in non-contentious procedures and arranging reports on legal affairs in general

How to Renegotiate Contracts Things to Take Into Account

Entering a formal contract can be daunting at first, depending on the object of the contract (a car, a house, a leasing, an insurance

How Video Calling Platforms Play an Important Role in Condominium Meetings

Everything seems to be centered around the pandemic lately as it should. It is reasonable to say that this has changed our lifestyle in


Sometimes, we hear people from older generations talking about historical events that we didn’t witness, perhaps because we were not even around when such

The ABC of Easements Possible Types and Why They Are Necessary

As promised, here we are with an article that addresses some topics that were briefly introduced in a previous article titled: “The ABC of Easements:


Perhaps you are aware of it because of Sandra Cauffman’s crucial role at NASA as an specialist in Electrical Engineering and Physics; or because


Today, we are going to address another topic that is essential to this field: easements. When we discussed some of the aspects concerning the right

The ABC on Capital deriving from Real Estate

Pursuant to a tax reform introduced by Law No. 9635 (the Law for Strengthening Public Finances) on Law No. 7092 (Income Tax Act) on December,