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The Show Must Go On

Our business is like a theater. There is a lot going on backstage that you do not get to see. While what we do is very entertaining, sometimes it may not appear very amusing to

Our business is like a theater. There is a lot going on backstage that you do not get to see. While what we do is very entertaining, sometimes it may not appear very amusing to the audience.

We work hard to provide a good experience for our clients while also engaged in a constant battle with the government to get things done. Nevertheless, not everything can be perfect, and some times things get very complicated.

In recent months we have seen how the actions taken by the government has made things complicated. We understand it is required to protect the public health, but there is no need to make it difficult by the CR Government issuing confusing travel and driving restrictions and what not. The pandemic is just another hurdle, but many of you know how challenging things are on a regular basis.

It can be very frustrating for people who hire our services, and we understand. It is not easy to explain when there is no explanation about what goes wrong wrong. Let me share an anecdote, perhaps this will help.

Last year we challenged the Immigration Department (DGME) about the security deposit. It turns out, that once you change category from temporary residency to permanent residency, you are required to pay an additional security deposit to the DGME. To do this you must request a refund of the security deposit that was paid when the temporary residency was approved and then pay the deposit again when the permanent residency is approved. Do you follow? Well, why just not keep the initial deposit instead of requesting a refund and making a second deposit?

We sent a letter to the DGME to address the issue. This is their response: the regulations command the Administration to obey (DGME) the laws notwithstanding their illegality or incompatibility with the logic.  Therefore, the government and in this case the DGME officially admits they develop and implement regulations regardless how illogical they can be.  You can read more about that story here.

The point today is: how can you get anything done with the government when they tell you they act illegally or illogically? How do you deal with that?

I understand people getting frustrated about processes getting delayed or not coming out the way we expect, notwithstanding our best efforts. Sometimes Pura Vida just happens. Our goal is for expats to enjoy their Pura Vida while we deal with our own Pura Vida backstage, so that the show can go on.

Below you can find the letter we received by the DGME stating they act against all logic. It is issued and signed by the Head Counsel of the DGME. Appalling.




Attorney and Entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience in: immigration law in the US and Latin American countries including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Panama. In addition, Rafael has extensive experience in Business Law, Estate Planning, and Real Estate. Lastly, Rafael has developed experience in people management, talent development and business development.

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    Rosanne August 24, 2020

    Thank you so much for this post … it made my day! It’s so off-the-wall that it’s funny! Pura Vida … ok we’ll go with that!